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Thursday, March 25, 2021 781
Please consider visiting my Patreon page if I have every helped you out in the past, present of future! My name is Rusty Auxier, and I am a local, small business owner that is currently struggling to survive in these current tough economic conditions that we ALL feel, daily! THANK YOU is a wonderful word that we all use (if your are polite, that is ;-) I say it on a regular basis... Unfortunately, it does not pay the bills :-( I AM in the customer service industry... I provide a service to my customers, as well as random callers asking for help... which I GLADLY provide, hoping that someday, they will become a customer. This year will mark the 21st year of me, doing business on the beautiful island of Manitoulin, in Northern Ontario. If I have ever been of service to you, or, if you enjoy being able to listen to local public service LIVE audio streams on your smart phone or tablet (local police and various other public services by installing one of the many radio scanner apps available on Google Play or the Apple App store and searching for feeds near you) or, you have called me looking for help or advice, I NEED YOUR HELP TO KEEP IT ALL GOING! I have been providing these live audio streams 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for approximately the last ten years. It requires a dedicated computer, with a stable internet connection, as well as various digital and analog scanners. Some of my hardware requires major updates to ensure a quality service as well as a stable internet connection (anyone local to Manitoulin knows EXACTLY what I speak of!) which, unfortunately, costs money. ANYTHING you can give would help to defray my operating costs and assure I will be able to keep what is required AND WHAT I LOVE DOING... HELPING PEOPLE! Thank you in advance... Rusty https://www.patreon.com/user Become a Patron!
2018-01-25, Rusty Auxier
Visit your hardware manufacturers website for updated drivers...NOWHERE ELSE!
2018-01-25, Rusty Auxier
Visit this website and enter your products model number...this is "the horses mouth"!
2017-08-08, Rusty Auxier
Make sure to visit the official Adobe website to update your flash player! DO NOT click on the Download link in that popup! Visit Adobes website by visiting https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ Also, don't forget to uncheck any un-needed or un-wanted additions to your download, like the McAfee Security Scan or Safe Connect...
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